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Buy any 2 get 1 FREE! No code needed / Today only!
Buy any 2 get 1 FREE! No code needed / Today only!

Who we are


"Children find adventure in life, parents find joy in their children's eyes, and we've found ways to make everything simple and safe."
We encourage children to go to the park to play, run and jump, and smile more. Meet all kinds of "firsts" in life. We want to be a brand that supports children from the moment they are born.
I want my baby to be happy forever. I want energetic kids to play as much as possible until they get sweaty and muddy, which is why I want them to be exposed to the "good stuff". We care about the health and development of little ones, which is why we've teamed up with pediatricians and podiatrists to create shoes that mimic being barefoot. Make your child comfortable every step of the way. Our dream is to be something that makes your baby feel better in Pompons.
I hope the children will smile and the surroundings will be pleasant. Join the community of 45,000+ moms Who get you and will help you! Make parenting easier, We’re here to make every decision easier Let’s Connect. Mom to Mom.